Eid al-Adha Survey Contest! Help us out and enter to win a free prize.

Posted on September 14, 2013 | 17 comments

Our 6 Question Marketing Survey will help us bring you the products and experience you are looking for. Fill out more questions to gain more points and increase your chances at winning. Enter our survey contest for a chance to win an Eid Al-Adha Sweet Dawah Kit (1 Winner) or a MubAArak Sheep Cupcake or Cookie Kit (1 Winner). In addition, every e-mail participant will receive a one-time coupon code for 35% off our MubAArak Sheep Line. Jazakum Allahu Khayran!


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  • weihan

    asak, I do not see how to enter. w

  • Hina

    Asalamualikum, I like silverenvelope. I wanna see more decore related to all islamic event such as ramadan as well espacially for kids

  • Lubaba

    Your Eid products elegant and simple …keep up the great design

  • Omaira

    Silver Envelope was the first company that I ever purchased Eid cards from. I like your style and whoever received the Eid or Ramadan cards loved them. I find that perhaps a slightly more sophisticated style would be nice for Eid and Ramadan decor – not just geared to children. That’s what first attracted me to Silver Envelope was the quality and sophistication of Eid cards. BTW: Love the 99 names of Allah wall art!

  • Maryam sami

    Salam, i recently got the eid in a box, and loved it. It is all you need to decorate and set up an eid table. Lovethe diffrent themes oyu have. Hope to buy mor ein future inshA!

  • Jamilah

    I would like to see more eid selections.

  • Umm Madiha

    Asalaamu alaikum, Masha Allah, I think your products are wonderful. I love being able to decorate for holidays & such. My children also adore the designs. I think it would be nice to see decorations for Ameens/Bismillah parties (for children who finish reading the Quran).

  • sazia riaz

    As Salamualaikum

    I love silver Envelope.
    Insha Allaha would love to shop from u guys!
    I would love to see more EID decor.


  • sheree fazil

    I am just beginning to shop on this website InshAllah. Hopefully I will find what I’m looking for. Looks good so far Allhumdulliah.

  • Hyam E.

    I have been a loyal customer since 2007 and enjoy all the wonderful products and ideas available on your site. I purchased my baby announcement cards for all three of my children from you, as well as many Eid decorations and greeting cards. My children absolutely love their Eid decorations! I do wish there were more options for baby items as well as students. As well as more selection for Eid products such as lights, more decor, etc. Other than that I have no complaints! Quick shipping, quality product, amazing customer service and great prices! Alhamdulillah for businesses like yours…you make clients feel more like family and friends rather than just another “sale”. :)


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