Nourishing your body and soul this Ramadan

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There’s an energetic pulse coursing through Doha at this time of year. In just a few days we will be celebrating the beginning of Ramadan. It is that month of the year that fills our homes with family, love and worship. It’s a chance for us to nourish ourselves, take account of the past year and solidify our values for the coming year.


We’ve prepared a pre-Ramadan guide to help you get the most out of this Ramadan!


Nourish your Soul

This is the core focus of this month. With forgiveness and blessings pouring forth, it is the perfect time for us to realign ourselves with the Almighty.

1 – Choose a section of the Qur’an for intensive study and explore it thoroughly.

2 –The first revealed verse of the Qur’an was an injunction to read. So read, read and read some more!

3 – If you plan to memorize any verses or sayings of the Prophet (pbuh) – make a note of which ones and keep them easily accessible.

4 – Make a prayer list, just reminders of what you want to pray for and who you want to keep in your prayers during the month.

5 – Keep a monthly wall planner visible to keep track of the days. And for the kids, a Countdown to Eid Puzzle offering a good deed per day with our "30 Days of Giving" free printable.


Nourish your Body

1 – Keep your body hydrated with tons of water.

2 – Pre-make any time consuming savories and eats that can be stored in the freezer.

3 – A menu plan is a great time saver – it keeps things moving swiftly in the kitchen and saves time!

4 – Do a bulk-shopping trip for the month – get all that vimto and crème caramel in the cart to satisfy the sweet tooth.

5 – Dates are very satisfying and invigorating after a day of fasting – always keep extra on hand.


Nourish your Community

1 – Host a moon sighting party for the families around you – remember to keep some moon cookies on hand! As an activity, the kids can make their very own fawanees to take home!

2 – Plan the dates in the month to host any iftar dinners (at home or in a restaurant) and send out invitations in advance.

3 – Apportion a certain percentage of your monthly food allowance and donate this to a charity feeding those in need.

4 –Arrange an iftar meal for the workers, home-helpers and nannies in your community.


Nourish your Home

1 – Carve out a special niche for dhikr (remembering the Divine) and reflection. It could be something as simple as a prayer mat with a Qur’an stand next to it. Keep it as digitally-free as possible.

2 – Unplug. Put away your devices and laptops and hide the remotes. Talk to your kids and spend time with one another. This is a great time to re-connect with those around you.

3 – Lights, streamers, and bunting flags fill the home with a festive vibrancy! Try these bunting flags to add a touch of Ramadan spirit to your home.


From all of us at Silver Envelope, we wish you a nourishing month of Ramadan ahead!


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Raana Smith is the Creative Director and Founder of SilverEnvelope.com, a company that seeks to bridge old and new Islamic traditions and bring practical party solutions for modern Muslim families. In her free time, Raana enjoys space missions with her astronaut-loving 4-year-old and is known to throw a fantastic party. She lives in Doha, Qatar.


Farzana Gardee is a free spirit who breathes words in the quiet of her being - wherever in the world she finds herself.


This article was first published in Abode Qatar magazine, June 2014


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  • Anjum Ikramullah

    AA, outstanding article, MSA. Great ideas to fill the house with festivities for Ramadan and Eid!#:-)


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