Our Heart May Be in Mecca

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Our heart may be in Mecca, but our feet are on the ground living, breathing, loving, and sharing with all those who surround us in our day-to-day lives. How do you celebrate love and friendship? Are you a person who would do anything for your friends and family? 

Too often we shy away from celebrating all the positive relationships in our lives because we get stuck in those "donkey years" as a friend once referred to them. Those years when you are so weighted down by all the things in life that it can make it hard to breathe. It is so easy to lose ourselves in that weight. And we all find it takes certain moments in life to lighten that load and remind us of this world's real beauty like a child's first steps, an aqeeqah celebration, a beautiful piece of art or the calm after Fajr prayer. 

Those human moments, you know the feeling? When we gaze on a couple in love, no matter where you are from or who they are, we all feel it. Our hearts are with them. And we're reminded of our own hearts and our love of Allah. When we see a baby, Masha'Allah, born into the world, we all see that smile of a mother or a father and we all share that smile. We share their love for each other, their child, our Umman, The Divine. Such an amazing power, the power of these shared human experiences. 

So why do we celebrate this love and our friendships? We celebrate to not forget our love for each other, our love for Allah; to keep these moments alive and remind ourselves every day of what Allah has blessed us with. We do it to fill ourselves and our families with a reservoir of hope and happiness, that can fill us through the darker times; that reminds us when we need to be reminded that there truly is so much more to connect us than divide us. 

There is a beautiful Hadith, many of you may know, that provides the inspiration for the Matheena Love line of products that really strikes us to the core of friendship and love: 

Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Allah Almighty will say on the Day of Rising, 'Where are those who loved one another for the sake of My majesty? Today, on the day when there is no shade but My shade, I will shade them.'" [Muslim] 

From Allah comes all. He has given us beautiful friendships and family for a reason. And with that He's given us ways to express and celebrate those bonds through art, stationery, dua, gifts, and more. 

An American convert friend shares with us this little story on the way he celebrates Eid ul-Fitr with his non-Muslim nieces and nephews. He told us, "None of the kids yet understand Islam or the beauty of it, the only thing they understand is having fun. They want to have fun. Questions are for when they grow older. Games, decorations, crafts and parties do exactly that. If they are at an "Eid' party and have a great time, they will remember the huge smiles from their grandparents, from their parents, and their brothers and sisters. They will remember the Eid decorations and the 'Pin the Tail' on the Donkey games. And at the very least they will smile from their heart when they think of Islam." Isn't this what celebration is truly about? 

No matter where you are in the world, no matter who you're friends are (Muslim or non-Muslim) it is important to take those moments to celebrate our time in this world together. We have been given this special time together at this one point in history. And we will take this with us to Jannah. Let's do our best to shade each other with our love as we strive to do with Allah. 

** We would love to know more about you and how you celebrate? Share with us stories you have on cross-cultural celebrations or the types of things you do to remind yourselves of the love and friendship in your life.


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