5 Green Ideas for Eid Day

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By Zaufishan Iqbal, The Eco Muslim 

1. The 3/3 Food Rule: 

Save more and make one less meal. Eating a feast especially immediately after Iftar is a hefty punch to the digestive system. Organise your party food by grouping plate portions into thirds. Opt for more fruit salads, and stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. 

2. Recycling Ramadan: 

Take the self-control outside of the holy month by fasting occasionally. A current food campaign called Enough Food IF aims to do just that. 

3. Don’t want to wash and hate plastic? 

Make creative paper plates for dry food and turn hollowed melon halves and iceberg lettuce leaves into bowls for dips. 

4. Give your Eid outfit away 

Follow the Sunnah (prophetic action) by asking your family to donate one year’s new suits to regional banks through Islamic Relief UK who ship clean clothes to disaster areas. In the US, you can donate money to help those less fortunate through Islamic Relief US. 

5. Eid gifts with value 

Money is a standard Eid present but it seems so bland. Coupons and vouchers are often a second choice, but why not put more of your money to causes with a bigger impact? Consider handcrafting some of your own upcycled Eid cards using geometric prints. And take your children to a soup kitchen on the day to instill community love. 

Take the time out to make every day dedicated to polishing the Earth. Visit Islamic gardens to see beauty, share your gifts to spread beauty and use some of the tips here to insert beauty throughout the world. 

Zaufishan Iqbal is The Eco Muslim, residing in the Yorkshire hills of Great Britain, and is totally environmentally friendly. The Eco Muslim recycles, reuses water, reduces consumption and rejects poverty. www.TheEcoMuslim.com.

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