Celebrating Moms

Posted on May 08, 2013 | 1 comment

Moms the world over deserve special recognition for raising people, each and every day. With continued acts of selflessness, mothers give of themselves and often forget to focus on self-care. 

It can be tough to stay afloat with all the pressures of family and life, yet our moms continue to stand as some of the best examples of skillful multitaskers and solid love creators that we have. 

If you’ve been looking for some hearty and thoughtful gift ideas for your mom, we’ve got just the right ones to show your mom the depth of your appreciation and love. 

Here are our top 3 gift ideas to give mom some good loving: 

1 – For her mind - gift your mom access to a course via Seeker's Guidance, or any other online course she would appreciate. A beginner’s Tajweed class, an advanced Arabic class, or a class in philosophy may be just what she needs right now. 

2 – For her soul - arrange for your mom to spend a weekend at a soulful retreat with respected healers and guides. Take care of all her travel arrangements and any other tasks she needs to carry out, in order to allow her to totally immerse herself in her spirituality. 

3 - For her body – purchase three months worth of vouchers for a yoga class that she can work into her schedule. If you can, attach some good quality workout clothing for her to use in her new classes. 

May Allah bless our moms with immense happiness and fulfillment in both the worlds. May we never forget how indebted we are towards them and always offer ourselves in the service of our parents for as long as we have the opportunity to do so. –Ameen-


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  • Icha

    As Salam aleykoumC’est vrai que leurs caerts sont de tres belles qualite9s macha Allah!! A la maison nous avons cells s des. Doas et le memo du bon comportement (anglais/Francais) . il y a pas mal de series macha allah. Tu les trouves en France7ais? Zitoona


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