Creating a Reflective Niche in your home

Posted on June 08, 2013 | 1 comment

Our world has become increasingly fast-paced as technological advancements thrust us into a digital future. With being hyper-connected and super busy as the norm, we are growing increasingly disconnected from our Creator and from each other. 

This month we hope to inspire you to create a space that enables you to reconnect with the Almighty, to rediscover and rekindle a sense of spirituality and purpose, to digitally detox and to replenish the stores of Light within. 

10 tips to creating a place of reflection: 

1 – Choose a space in your home that you can repurpose as a reflective corner. Either near a window overlooking the garden, or a space with walls for tacking important prayers on. Name this space and print this on the ‘entrance’ to this space. 

2 – Spread your prayer mat comfortably within this space and keep a chair or pillows nearby if you need. 

3 – Keep this as a digitally free zone. Place a little box or basket where you can drop in your switched-off phone, as well as any other electronics you have with you. 

4 - Place a little bookshelf or basket where you can store a selection of specific books. Keep your Qur’an easily accessible and add any other books that feed your spirituality. 

5 – On a nearby wall, attach a corkboard that you can use regularly. Section the board into spaces for: specific prayers, inspiring quotes, affirmations, actions to improve, etc. 

6 – Keep a special journal that you can use daily as you reflect and take account of your day. Start by jotting down all the good things you’ve done that you can continue to do. Then move on to the parts of your day that you feel need improvement and tack those to the corkboard. Reflecting on each day can help us to improve ourselves and ultimately become better people. 

7 – Bring something earthy into this space – anything that reminds you to reconnect with nature. It can be anything from seashells, to a mini Zen garden, to a pot plant, to rocks and pebbles or even to a small water feature. 

8 – Remember those Dhikr beads you just made? Hang them nearby and use it to recite prayers that will help you ease into this space and disconnect from that which is unnecessary. 

9 – Think! Think! Think! For verily in the heavens and the skies, there are signs for those who reflect. 

10 – With a few adjustments, this space can be extended to create a reflective room for the whole family!

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  • Hala Khazen

    An excellent article. ..jazak ALLAH kheiran for it. This should be the most important corner in our homes. It would be the shelter for us in times of challenges and a place for gratitude expression in times of success. Its presence is just a solid reminder that we should never think that we are alone in this life, and that our creator is there for us and it is easy to communicate with HIM just by entering into the peaceful corner and be within the realm of spiritual world.


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