A Meaningful Start

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A new year brings with it a chance to start afresh. And here’s your chance to host an intimate party and spread light, love and goodness into the coming year. 

Before shifting into the next year, why not prepare personalized cards thanking your guests for their company over the past year. Our Thank You cards are the perfect place for your message of thanks. 

Here are our top 3 ideas for a meaningful start to the new year: 

1 – Get your friends together to rekindle some forgotten hobbies. Create individual lists of hobbies that were enjoyed in past years, and share ways to bring them into the present. Pair up with a friend to join you on your next hobby class. 

2 – Create a community vision board. Have your guests bring a handful of magazines to the party and create a communal vision board. Tear out words and pictures based on shared values and principles. If your guests are from your sisters’ halaqa, then use this vision board as a spring for the group’s spiritual goals for the coming year. 

3 – Host a ‘Love Yourself’ party for your close ones. A couple of days in advance, ask your guests to write love notes to themselves - a few sentences or a poem. At your party, have your guests read their notes aloud. What better way to spark discussions on beginning the year with reminders about loving yourself? (Note to self shown here on our Matheena Love Card) 

Décor Tip: Use scented candles and fresh flowers to create a warm ambience merging light and newness. 


Snacks: Go with fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, fruit juices and some light iced teas. Keep it healthy and simple.

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