Ramadan Activity - Gratitude Streamer - Favors from Allah

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Embracing the principle of gratitude means that we understand we are here to serve a Divine power. It’s through our humility that we allow ourselves to cultivate an appreciation for all that we have, for all that we don’t have and primarily, for being of God’s creation. 

We want our children to embrace this philosophy of life. And we are able to give them this through our everyday actions and attitudes. But every now and then, an occasion presents itself allowing us to tie these values together creatively. And this New Year gives us the chance for a special crafting project with our kids. 

Craft: Gratitude Streamer 

Title: “These are the favors from my Lord..” 


Prep time: 5 minutes 

Craft time: 15 minutes 

Difficulty level: Easy 

Yield: 1 streamer with 5 gratitude squares 


1 pack Zillij Craft Squares 

1/4-inch hole punch 

white, printer or construction paper 

markers or colored pencils 

ribbon, string, or twine to assemble your streamer 


glue stick 



1. Take the largest 5 squares from the pack and set the remainder aside. 

2. Cut the white printer into 2.5 inch squares. Glue to the center of each Zillij Craft Square. 

3. Brainstorm with your kids all the things for which they are grateful – from electric motor cars to chocolate chip cookies. If you need to, coax the discussion towards being grateful for certain values they are learning to embrace. 

4. Once you have a list, have the kids write each item onto a craft square. 

5. Decorate the squares, with stickers, glitter or any other embellishments 

6. Punch a hole in the top 2 corners of each of the Zillij Craft Squares. It should be 1/4 inch in from the top and side. 

7. Thread the ribbon through the Squares to create a streamer for your child’s bedroom. If you prefer, keep them as bedside cards or tack them to the wall. 

8. Hang with scotch tape.


Here’s towards deepening your child’s sense of gratitude! 


TIP: Incorporate reading these cards as part of the bedtime routine for a beautiful reminder of Allah’s blessings each and every day!


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  • Silver Envelope

    Michelle, thanks for your comment! How old are your boys? Raana, our creative director and founder, has a 4-year old and loves this project. What did your boys enjoy most?

  • Silver Envelope

    Fatima, thank you for stopping by! Ramadan Mubarak :)

  • Silver Envelope

    Thank you, Mateen Saima! Let us know how it turns out in your summer camp program. And feel free to send photos, we’d love to post them here, as well!

  • Silver Envelope

    Thank you, Tuere. We’re glad you like the project and would love to know how it turned out for you. We think it’s perfect for any age and can be repeated every few months. Gratitude never gets old!

  • Tuere

    Mashallah this is such a easy project that hold some much benefit shukran for sharing.I’m excited to do this with my children for Ramadan and beyond. :)

  • mateen saima

    Marvelous effort I wll certainly apply it in my summer camp program

  • Fatima

    Love this! Looking forward to Ramadan Inshallah!

  • michelle

    I’m making these with my boys. Love this idea!


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