Random Acts of Kindness

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 In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness week, here are 5 soulful ideas to inspire your child towards being kind.


1 – Work with your child to write down a du’a for their parents, grandparents or a loved one. After salaah you and your child can read the du’a aloud. At the end of a week, encourage your child to print the du’a on a card and add a note saying: “This past week, I have asked Allah to… .”

2 – Go through your own closet with your child and demonstrate that you will be collecting some of your favorite scarves or shirts to donate to a charity or orphanage. After you have displayed this action, encourage your child to do the same. This can be an event for the entire family to inspire each other to share of that which they love most.


3 – Create a list of charities devoted to children that your child can work with. In encouraging your child to raise money for a chosen charity, help your child host a bake sale for the neighborhood kids. Set up a table on your front lawn and have the kids sell their goodies to others in the neighborhood. An idea would be to keep this as an event for children only!

4 – Every week on the household chore list, leave a blank space for: ‘A Kind Act.’ Encourage your children to do chores from their parent’s or their sibling’s list as a gesture of compassion and kindness. This can be kept anonymous to make it extra secretive and special.

5 – Take your kids to the local farmer’s market and allow them to purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables. Have your child make parcels from all the purchases and then deliver it to the home of a teacher or friend.


Bismillah! May our actions inspire kindness, compassion and love in the hearts of our children; for we stand as the best example for them.

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  • seema

    mashallah this is amazing!


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