What Would The Prophet (pbuh) Do?

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Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to teach us about love, mercy, tolerance and kindness. During the month of February, in honor of him, we are sharing a game idea for your next party! The theme of this game is to inspire us to emulate the kindness that our Prophet (PBUH) displayed to those around him by imagining ourselves in his shoes.


Game: What would the Prophet (PBUH) do?


1 – Prepare examples of scenarios that you can read aloud to your guests.

2 – Divide your guests into groups. 

3 - Allocate a time limit for each group to return with their solution. 

4 – Have gift packs ready for the group with the most well thought out solution.


Scenario Examples:


1 – A woman walks up to you in the supermarket. You notice that her sleeve is ripped, her shoes are tattered and she appears nervous. She makes eye contact with you, but appears to be hesitant about asking you for something. 

What would the Prophet (PBUH)? 


2 – Your friend is late on this month’s rent due to his daughter’s university fees. He has not asked for your help, but in passing he mentioned that he plans to work extra hours to cover his expenses. 

What would the Prophet (PBUH) do? 


3 – Your doorbell rings and you find a group of teenage missionaries interested in expressing their beliefs and thoughts to you. You are certain of your faith choice, but they are a bunch of young people passionate about their message. 

What would the Prophet (PBUH) do? 


4 – The evening news reports of a house fire in a neighboring town. You learn that the survivors, three children and their mother, are now in need of a place to live. 

What would the Prophet (PBUH) do? 


5 – There’s an old lady who lives down the road and she has always yelled at your children when their ball rolled into her garden. After a few days, you realize she hasn’t come out of her house. After checking up on her, you discover that she has a broken foot and due to her Alzheimer’s, she thinks you are her daughter. 

What would the Prophet (PBUH) do? 

The list of scenarios is endless! Come up with as many creative and thoughtful situations that probe your guests to ask themselves deep questions and inspire kindness. You’re sure to leave a lasting impression with this game!


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