Crayon Art for Adults!

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When did you last have your friends over for a hands-on craft party? When did you last use crayons, not for your kids, but for a project of your own? Whatever your answer, we are certain to color your next party with this fun craft for you and your guests. 

In a festive celebration of our diversity and our togetherness, let’s get melting.


Here’s what you’ll need:

- Small-sized mounted canvas or fabric covered blocks. We used old wooden block toys and leftover fabric. (4 per guest)

- Pencils

- Old Crayons – a large assortment of colors (Tip: Request guests to bring their own crayons in their favorite colors.)

- Candles (for each of your guests)

- Matches 

- Newspapers (to cover the surface of your table)

- Alphabet stickers

Pre-Party Prep:

1 – Decide on a four-letter word that you’d like to use and place the corresponding stickers on the canvas, one letter per canvas. (E.g. duas, hope, love, home, Iman, pray, feel, trust.) If you don’t have alphabet stickers, you could also pencil in the letters on your canvasses. 


2 – Line the table with newspapers or any other protective cover.


After the hugs, welcomes and cookies, get ready to enjoy a crayon party!


Here’s what to do:

1 – Using the candle, melt the crayons for a few seconds and press dots of crayon wax onto the canvas. You can either place the wax inside the alphabet outline (for penciled letters), or around it (if you’re using stickers).


2 – Starting with the outmost corners, press wax dots on the canvas being sure to space them apart from each other. Repeat, filling in the white spaces. You can change the crayon colors for a fun look. Continue layering the melted candle wax until a rich tapestry of multiple layers and colors forms. 

3 – Peel off the letter stickers and voila, you're finished. 

Your guests are sure to love this! 


This project is special for it will remain as a beautiful reminder of your party and of a timeless message shared with your friends. A priceless gift that will find a space in your home – and their homes – for years to come inshaAllah!

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    ooooo creative


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