Blooming Zillij Jar

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Here's a fun project to do as a family and a way to get your kids into the mindset of Zakat and charity. Roll up your sleeves, get your fingers messy and create some memories! It helps to show the power of charity & achievement can go hand in hand. Give them a way to follow their progress and give to others with a purpose.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- 1 wide-mouthed jar (preferably plastic for safety)

- Colored paper (to assign jars to specific kids)

- Thin branches/twigs/sticks

- Sand, marbles, dried beans

- Zillij Craft Squares (or any of our Craft Squares)

- Needle and thread or hole punch and ribbon

- Scissors


Here’s what to do:

1 – Encourage your kids to collect the money they receive in the Blooming Zillij Jar. They may be receiving money for chores, a weekly allowance or gifts from family-members, from the total a certain amount should be placed into the jar.

2 – Place sand, marbles, or dried beans in the bottom of the jar. Arrange the twigs/sticks into a little tree and place them firmly in the sand.

3 – Using the 3 inch and 4.5 inch Zillij Craft Squares, cut several of the Zillij designs out to make large and small flowers.

4 – Punch a hole in the top of the flowers and slip the ribbon through (or thread with a needle). Keep the Zillij flowers in a little basket next to the jar to enable your kids to easily hang them. (Tip: Laminate them if you need them to last longer.)

5 – When any money is removed from the jar and offered in charity or to someone in need, a paper flower is hung onto a branch. The more money that is taken out, the blossoms increase. For older kids, a value can be attached to specific types of flowers - $3 for the pink flower, $5 for the purple flower, etc.

Here’s to unleashing our inner bouquets and cultivating blossoms within our kids. 



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  • mariamseshan

    i love this idea i want to try it out!


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