"Earth Man" Armbands

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Our earth is a sacred space that deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Its resources are limited, and our over-consumption of everything from food to clothes, fuel and energy – means that we will deplete these God given blessings. But let’s not let it get that far. 

It’s easy for us to clutter our spaces with many things and console our consumption by recycling. But before thinking of recycling, let’s work on re-using and re-purposing what we already have.

This month we’re celebrating Earth Day with a fun crafty project re-using items around the house. Get your friends over to share in the spirit of creating these cool eco-friendly (and fun) armbands! And while you're making them, it's a good time to chat with your child about reducing and recycling. Once they've made their armbands, encourage them to be "Earth Man" or "Earth Woman" and practice their reducing and recycling super-powers!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1 – toilet paper rolls

2 – paint & paint brushes

3 – decorative bits (stickers, buttons, string, paper clips, bottle lids – anything you can find lying around the house!)

4 – glue (if you’re going to use cut-out letters and pictures)


Here’s what to do:

1 - Cut the toilet paper roll in half/or smaller along the diameter, depending on whether you like a slim band or a chunky one. 

2 – Using a color of your choice, paint the entire band. We used green, blue, and a little yellow. We recommend you wait about 10 minutes for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

3 – Now, get creative! We stuck on our letters so that one band read "Earth" and the other read "Man". You can also make your own patterns or designs on your band. Try mixing up slogans or words with drawings to get a really funky band. You can also glue some buttons and string in the shape of trees, hearts - anything really! 

Some other quotes you might like to use: 

- Let’s stay rooted 

- Earth Lover 

- Being the Change 

- Keep it CLEAN 

- Eco-Love 


Slip it on their hands and get out there and inspire other kids to unleash their own super-hero within!

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