DIY Dhikr Beads

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At Silver Envelope we love crafts that are both fun and spiritual. Making your very own Dhikr bead set is a beautiful act that encourages and reminds us to constantly remember Allah. 

With the intention of using the beads as a counter for prayers, this entire craft becomes an act of worship – from the first knot to the last! 


Here’s what you’ll need: 

1 – 33 beads 

2 – sturdy string or braiding cord 

3 – Masha'Allah Charms 

4 – scissors 

5 - glue (if needed) 


Here’s what to do: 

1 – Choose a sturdy piece of string or braiding cord. Keep it longer than needed to ensure all the beads fit comfortably. Excess string can always be cut off afterwards. 

2 – Collect all the types of beads that you would like to use, different colors, shapes, and textures – get creative! Also remember to get a select few to use as markers after specific prayer sets – depending on the arrangement of the prayer sets you choose to make on your string. We used a total of 33 beads for one complete round of dhikr. 

3 – Begin by making a big knot on one end of the string, then string the beads according to the required amounts, adding your spacer beads where required. We strung our Masha'Allah charm after bead 16 so that it's in the middle of the beads.(Note: Since we made this with our 3-year old who thinks anything small and round is a jellybean these days, we omitted the spacer beads.) 

4 – Make a final knot to join both ends of the string, and attach a special bed or tag to finish off your project. If you need, use some glue to secure the ends well. 

Alhamdulillah, you now have a unique and colorful set of Dhikr beads!


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  • Raana

    Asma, thanks for stopping by! At the moment, we’re all out of the MashaAllah charms but we do hope to have some in closer to Eid al-Adha inshaAllah. Stay tuned!

  • Asma

    Great idea. Where can I find MashAllah charms?


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