Ramadan & Eid Art Napkin Holders/Gift Tags

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You can use this ribbon/Ramadan & Eid Art combination to make napkin holders or finish off a gift for Ramadan and Eid! 


Prep time: 2 minutes

Craft time: 5 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Yield: 1 napkin holder/gift tag 



1 pack Ramadan & Eid Scrapbook art 

1 pack 3/8 in. satin or curling ribbon 

1 20 x 20 in. cloth napkin (you can also use a dinner size paper napkin) 



hole punch



1. Fold the napkin so that the ends are tucked and looks pretty: 

    a. lay the napkin on a flat surface, good side down 

    b. on the left side of the napkin, measure 2.5 in. and fold in 

    c. on the right side of the napkin, measure 8.75 in. and fold in

    d. folded, the napkin is now approximately 8.5 in. wide. 

    e. fold in half horizontally, and then vertically, and then again horizontally so that the napkin size is 4.5 x 5 in.

2. Select one of the art pieces that suit your occasion. For an iftar, use the pieces that say "Ramadan" in Arabic and English, and the one that says "Iftar".

3. Punch one hole on the right and one on the left sides of the art piece. 

4. Cut a 12 in. piece of satin ribbon, or whatever length you need to fit around your napkin or gift.

5. Lay the string (shiny side down) straight on a flat surface and place the folded napkin on top of the string. 

6. Take the left end of the ribbon and place it through the hole (from the bottom) on left side of the art piece. 

7. Take the right end of the ribbon and place it through the hole (from the bottom) on right side of the art piece. 

8. Pull both sides of the ribbon so that the art piece sits straight on the napkin. 

9. Loop both sides of the ribbon around to the back of the napkin and tie in a pretty double knot.

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