Eid Party Hats

Posted on August 29, 2012 | 2 comments

These photographs show our party hat with our custom noisemakers...check out the DiY section to learn how to make those!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Craft time: 10 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Yield: 1 party hat 



1 pack Eid Gift Wrap 

Party Hat Template printed on legal paper

ribbon or elastic (to secure hat to child's head)



hole punch



1. Click the template link above to download the template to your computer.

2. Print the template on legal paper and cut out template along solid red line.

3. Trace template onto the back of the gift wrap. (You do not want your tracing to show on the front!)

4. Cut out template and fold along dotted line.

5. Bend paper to form a cone so that Side B joins with side A. Side B will be on the inside of the hat. Secure the two sides on the inside of the hat with tape.

6. Puch out the 2 small black circles and tie a 10-12 inch string or thin elastic through the 2. This will secure the hat on the head of the child. 

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  • Balloon

    The template is where it says supplies

  • Shayistha

    I cannot find the link to the template to download the Eid Party hats


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