Bunting Flags

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Look how easy it is to transform our craft squares into a colorful set of bunting flags that coordinate perfectly with our Flying High banners


Craft time: 10 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Yield: 1 10-flag Bunting



2 packs of Craft Squares (we used the Flying High ones)



hole punch



1. Collect the largest squares from your 2 packs of craft squares for a total of 10 squares. 

2. On the bottom edge of the craft square, locate the center. Cut a straight line to the top right corner. On the bottom edge, find the center again and make a cut to the top left corner to form the flag (a triangle). 

3. Hole punch each top corner. 

4. Thread the ribbon through the holes like in figure 4. We threaded the flags, spaced them so that there was about 1/4 inch between each flag, and then cut the ribbon to the length we wanted. In the banner in figure 1, we used about 3 feet of ribbon. 


You can also make this banner using the smaller two sizes of crafts squares, any design, or even vary the flag size for a really fun look!

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