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Posted on April 30, 2013 | 0 comments

By Hafsa Taher 

I'm up for challenges anytime! Last month, I challenged myself to come up with a craft that is suitable for my niece (age 5.5, "Za") and nephew (age 2.5, "Zo"). I wanted one project that's going to be beyond both their comfort zones. Given their age group, it was a quite a task. Another important criteria, as with all our crafts, the project could only use materials found around the house.

Since the end product was intended as a gift for their mom, we decided on a craft I call "Deep Rooted Love". 

Here's how we went about this:

1. We traced their tiny hands. Za had painted the night before, so we used the painting to trace her hand. For Zo, we used another of Za's paintings. 

2. The traced hand were then cut. The traced hand represents the trunk and branches of the tree. 

3. Now for the hearts as leaves - we had two options. We could use previously done art work, or assorted construction paper for the hearts. Za went with the construction paper (and then changed her mind :)) and I chose a painting as an old artwork for Zo's hearts. 

4. Za, being old enough, was able to apply glue on each heart and stick them in a fashion she chose. (This was mostly a work alone project for her). For Zo, he probably could have used a clue stick on the hearts. But in the interest of time, I used a clear Self-Adhesive Contact paper, pealed the backing, and had him stick the hearts on the sticky side. Once he was done, I had to stick his leaves arrangement above the truck. 

Both kids enjoyed the activity thoroughly, Alhamdulillah. Mission Accomplished!

Hafsa Taher is the founder of HafsaCreates.com - Her motto is “Pray, Love, Craft”. When she is not crafting or playing with her niece and nephew, she is Pinterest-ing and day dreaming about her next DIY! Check out her website here: HafsaCreates.com.

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