11 Activities to prep for Ramadan

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In just a few days we will be welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan. For many, this wait is filled with excitement and eagerness For others, there is the anxiety, unease, and uncertainty of what awaits them. Despite how we each prepare or how we feel, there is an ethereal sense of Mercy that is felt with the coming of this month. One that offers us an annual break from our usual routine and injects our lives with an invigorated sense of purpose and divinity. 

We are aware of the value of time in Ramadan and maximizing the chance to reconnect with Allah. With this in mind, we're committed to bring a sample of ideas and products that can create Ramadan memories and traditions that are fun, festive and spiritual for the whole family. Here's a sample 24-Hour Countdown of Silver Envelope ideas just as a way to get you thinking about how you can create some magical traditions with your family. Regardless of if you use our products or go DIY, Insha'allah we hope this general guide helps to get your Ramadan off to a splendid start. 


In the morning:
  1. Use a generational cookie or cupcake recipe from a grandparent or family member, and make it a Ramadan Baking tradition! Bake these special treats and have the kids decorate them. Use Ramadan Cookie Cutters to make festive shapes or cupcake wraps to add a unique touch.
2.  Pack the cookies or cupcakes into Cookie or Cupcake Gift kits (or the My Halal Kitchen ones) and send them off to your neighbors, friends, co-workers and the kid’s classmates or summer camp friends with an educational message.

After Dhuyr Prayer:

3.  Compile a list of themed books that you can keep aside for reading time in the place of reflection.

4.  Mail a handful of Ramadan Cards to your friends and family inscribed with a sincere prayer.

After Asr Prayer

5.  Have the kids create Hilal window decorations to put on their bedroom windows. Or try out some gratitude streamers to remind your children of all that we are grateful for heading into Ramadan.


    6.  Decorate the house with colorful lights or fawanees to get everyone into a celebratory mood!


    After Maghbrib Prayer

    7.  Hang the Ramadan Chain Links or Fanoos Kit across the house to get everyone excited and ready to start fasting. 


    8.  Tack the Ramadan Countdown Chart in a central place of the home to keep track of the month’s progress. 

    After Isha Prayer

    9.  Gift your kids some treat bags filled with thoughtful special gifts –books, Ramadan cardsbuttonsstickers, specific prayer notes and candy.        


    10.  Play a fun game or do crayon art with your kids or friends to remind yourself of the coming sacrifice



    11.  Spend the night before Ramadan, take your kids into your place of reflection and read them a story of the Prophet (pbuh) under the magical light of a Fanoos. Give them the chance to feel the awe and power of the coming holy month.






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