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To all of our friends, family and supporters over the years, and to those we are just meeting for the first time:

I can't wait for Ramadan this year! 2013 has been a year of transitions and amazing blessings for us, al hamdu lillah. In the weeks ahead we will experience the quiet days and the brilliant nights, the silent reminders of our deen. And ensha'allah, we will slow down and reclaim the iman that Ramadan can instill in us. As we enter this blessed month and what I hope is many blessings on all of you, I wanted to share with you the latest in Silver Envelope's journey and mine. 

After taking time away and focusing on being a first-time mom, last year I felt an obligation and desire to recommit myself to a dream and vision I first had as a young girl scribbling Eid Mubarak on whatever generic ribbons I could find. I wanted to recommit myself and reinvent the vision I had for Silver Company, the company I started in 2001. Growing up in the West, I was proud of my faith, of my culture and of my parents, and I wanted to find ways to share this through celebration. In the constantly changing tides of the world, celebration reminds us of those things we share in common. That we all cherish the same things, love, family, happiness, and a safe space to be with all of our families. As a new mother, my desire to expose my son to Islamic design, art and the many beautiful traditions around the Islamic world, has given me extra focus and drive that has led to this new approach to Silver Envelope

So, what has this all meant for Silver Envelope? Over the last year I have been thinking about how when we do our annual searches for "Ramadan Cards" or "Ramadan Decorations" are we really just searching for more products and more stuff? Or are we searching for something more than that? And are we giving cards because that's just the thing you should do, or should we giving cards as a symbol of something more? I know for me, especially with arrival of my son, I am looking for much more than just a card, or wrapping paper, or party decorations. I am looking for something that inspires me to create my own traditions, to find special ways to celebrate in my little space in the world, that helps my family and children feel proud of where they come from first, and educate the people around me in what it means to be Muslim second. While we don't always succeed, we strive to do our best and have been working tirelessly towards this goal.

This has been my new commitment, and this to me is the "new" Silver Envelope. Below I lay out some of our new and exciting initiatives.


New Logo & New Website

Muhktar Sanders and the wonderful team at Inspiral Design replaced our logo with a fun and playful logo that reflects more of who we feel we are. We took the stories we heard growing up about the seal of the Prophet (pbuh) and researched various mesjid color schemes from around the world and this is what we settled on, whimsical and fun, yet we hope reflects our roots.

For those who want to read more on the seal of the Prophet (pbuh), and how he used it with his messages you can read more here: http://islam.ru/en/content/story/prophet-muhammads-pbuh-letters-various-kings


Painting by Muhammad Qasim Malik - (CC by 3.0 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Prophet's_Seal.jpg)


With our website, we have replaced it with something that we hope reflects our new commitments to provide people with the a set of products for their special occasions, create some fun educational and crafting content, and feature and spotlight some great voices from our community. 


Community & Collaboration

We have begun collaborating with a number of very talented people in our community. This year marks the beginning of some partner products where we work with top voices in our community from various perspectives, and help bring to fruition ideas that they might have and help get them out to our community. With our first products over Ramadan we feature Yvonne Maffei from My Halal Kitchen with our Sweet Dawah Cookie & Cupcake Kits. We are very excited about it and collaborations with her in the future. I truly believe the more we collaborate as a community, the easier our goal of an enriched life for our families and our children will be.


Blessed to have worked with Haji Noor Deen


New Products - Party & Stationery

We received so much feedback from people asking why we didn't do more, why did we just do cards & stationery? Well this year is our answer to those requests. Our product offerings have increased dramatically this year with a new 360 degree focus, looking to take your celebrations from beginning to end. I didn't want our fans to just have access to cards & stationery, but I wanted them to be able to take their favorite designs and spread it across an entire line of party & stationery products. From gifting, to decorating and celebrating, we want people to find a place of ease. Many people have told me they want to spend less time planning for Iftars or parties and more time focused on their deen. We hope some of these products help with that. I know, as a mom for one, that anything someone else can help take off my plate, I am happy with.

Some of our newly offered products include:

And some of our new and expanded collections include:


Renewed Focus on Sustainability & Responsible Practices

“Surely the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of man; but most people know not.”  (Surah Ghafir 40:57)

We have undertaken a new effort to reduce waste on our product lines. As a result I have been looking to not only bundle more products, but have taken the first steps towards certification with the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. All of our new cards, stationery, and envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper. And for our other products, all of the paper we print on is now at least 10% post-consumer waste recycled. Wherever feasible and possible we want to reduce waste. If you see Environmental Action on any of our products it shows the action we are taking.


In the future

So where this leaves Silver Envelope is at the beginning of what we hope will be a really fun time for all of us!! We have many new and exciting initiatives planned over the next year and we hope you enjoy them. And please we are always looking for feedback. Tell us what you love, what you don't love and we will do our best to listen to all of your feedback. If it hadn't been for our loyal fans and supporters and their feedback we would not be where we are today. We thank you for that!! And to everyone many blessings this Ramadan, I hope it is a joyous one for you and your family. 


Jazakum Allah Khayran



Team at ISNA in 2009


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  • Anjum

    Wow what a beautiful story. MSA, how you feel and what your are inside and out, truly shows in SilverEnvelope. It already shows, that your values have become a family lifestyle from your husband to Ayoub.
    MSA, you are doing so much good Dawah, with each one of the items you have, may Allah swt reward you for your intentions and your hard work.

    I think the sky is the limit!! your flight has already started, with all my love.
    Sister Anjum

  • Raana (SilverEnvelope.com)

    Walaikum Assalam Yvonne and thanks for your kind comment. It’s been an amazing year and Alhamdulillah an absolute pleasure to work with you on the Sweet Dawah Kits. You’ve also had an eventful year with your new site design at MyHalalKitchen.com. What a wonderful resource on Halal food and lifestyle for the community. I love your Ramadan Cookbook and am using it to plan my meals for the next month….Jazak Allah Khayr!

  • Yvonne

    Asalaamu’alaikum Raana,this was a wonderful and heartfelt expression of who you are and how that influences your company, which I feel so blessed to have been a part of this year on the Sweet Dawah Kits. Mabrook on all your new developments and more to come soon, insha’allah!


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