A Sensory Eid: A Guide to the 5 Senses on Eid

Posted on July 31, 2013 | 24 comments
 A Guide to the 5 Senses on Eid

 From Sri Lankan photographer Easa Shamih - http://bit.ly/17jZIVk - CC by 3.0

The month before found us eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Ramadan crescent. We have completed a journey through an entire moon cycle of introspection and refinement to find ourselves, once again, searching for the new month’s crescent. Only this time we’re searching the skies for the news of Eid-al-Fitr. 

We are committed to sharing ideas that create joyous and festive Eid memories for you and your family. With our five senses forging the pathways into our memories, we bring you our guide to what we hope is a super sensory Eid experience this year for you. Creating that atmosphere of wonder and awe on Eid day takes more than just great food or fun decorations, it takes all our senses. Take a moment to reflect on different ways to use all of our senses to create experiences that we can share with our friends and family. 



Dazzle your taste buds with flavors of light crispy bakes and delicious melt-in-your mouth crescent cookies. The sensation of taste creates a lasting sweetness that your family will remember for years to come insha'Allah. Remember your grandma’s cinnamon cookies? It’s time to make them!

Crescent Cookie Classics

Or for something fruity and fun :)

From Hamed Saber - "The photo contains orange, lemon, strawberry and banana jelly i made for Eftar (Iftar)." 

http://bit.ly/16kZtw4 - CC by 3.0



Creating a festive ambience is especially linked to the sounds within a space. Set the tone for this Eid by having a playlist of cheerful tracks to add background texture to your memory making. Play it softly in the kitchen as your family enjoys their breakfast. Or even better, have the family sing their very own special Eid songs. If you don’t have one – write one! There is always room to create your own family Eid traditions through song.

Have you created your playlist for Eid Day?



Take time out from your rushing around to sit back and really see your family and friends in your home. It may be that you only have a few minutes to craft a visual memory of the blessings around you, so scan your home slowly taking in what you see. Take them on a quick trip to the prettiest place you know, pack a lunch and share it with them. There is nothing quite like sharing beautiful places with those you love. And beyond seeing your friends and family commit to seeing those around you who are struggling and less fortunate, don't turn away. Take the time to ask them if they need help and provide an ear that's willing to listen.

Go with your friends to your own "Perfect" spot



Scents have the power to instantly transfer us to a time or place that has since passed. Create olfactory associations by filling your house with fragrant flowers. The aroma of sweet baking adds a warm touch to a celebratory home. If you have an oud burner, use a couple of sticks especially reserved just for Eid. Give your house the aroma of Eid this year. 

Light the Oud Burner for Eid

Or fill your house with bowls of Plumeria and other fragrant flowers

Plumeria from the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2013 by Sam Howzit - http://bit.ly/16GjWtf - CC by 3.0



Eid is a day of hugs and handshakes – of holding loved ones and strangers. Embrace the people you meet, the people you love and the people you don’t know. Make an intention that for every person you touch on this day, that light and love be passed from your heart to theirs. One of the most powerful communicators and healers is the power of touch. Use it and commit to healing the world around one small step at a time this coming year. 

The ones you love


May this Eid be festive and beautiful – creating happy memories for years to come Insha'Allah!


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  • Hannah

    Love the image ~ it’s Beautiful.U take care Bayya & Here’s Wishing Mom, Dad, Bro & U, A Splendid Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!May this special day bring forth many more great mmtones in life.Thanks for Ur warm note, Bayya:)Bestest Wishes always, Minerva*

  • Iram

    Eid is all about using all your senses. First hearing the eid khutba, the sound of kids laughing, the sound of women’s bangles. Smelling the eid morning sweets, the perfumes of women in their new clothes. Seeing all the colors of eid with everyone wearing their best to the mosque. Touching & hugging & kissing ur loved ones & wishing them eid mabrook. Last but not the least tasting all the wonderful foods, desserts, after a whole month of fasting. Happy eid to everyone!

  • Cheri

    First, I’d like to say Happy Eid to everyone that is reading this. I like the smiles in my kids’ faces when we make Ramadan and Eid arts and crafts with them. I love the smells of all the different nationalities’ foods at the Iftar dinners at our local mosque. I love all the pretty colors of all the dresses the ladies wear from their respective countries and cultures. Pure happiness.

  • Asiya

    Cooking with my mom always engages all of my senses. Between smelling what we’re making, cleaning and feeling the rice with my hands, tasting as we’re going along, hearing the sizzling of the food, and making it look beautiful, Eid is always a joy!

  • ayesha

    Early morning cooking for Eid brunch fills the house with yummy scents, ironing new clothes, going to the masjid and praying with family and friends, and then seeing your kids’ eyes light up when they open their Eid presents… all things that use all of our senses and remind us all of Eid all year long.

  • Ruqiyyah

    Dont forget the internal senses: that for every beautiful smell and taste in this life like sweet smelling oils and incense, and good tasting food, there is also the smell and taste of Jannah we yearn for, every physical touch has its internal feeling and association that can bring us closer to or farther from Allah, and every sound and sight we hear can remind us of our lord. Eid is a delight to the senses and a reminder of the full spectrum of our experience of faith. Eid Kareem.

  • Mimi

    Mostly eating, but also hugging, kissing, listening to the Eid Khutba, seeing all my friends, and waking up to the smell of coffee brewing…something that’s missed all throughout Ramadan!

  • Sana

    I love silver envelope and they items they provide!

  • Shabnam Mahmood

    There is so much about Eid that touches the senses…from the fragrant oudh that permeates the house, the feeling of love when you meet and hug your loved ones, the mouthwatering scents coming from the kitchen, the sounds of children laughing, the feel of happytears to see all of our loved ones and blessings from Allah (swt)…that’s not even the beginning of it.

  • Rubz

    Beautiful ways of expanding the ways of appreciating the blessings around us :) Alhamdulillah


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