Eid MubAArak Sheep Craft

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Eid Al-Adha is the festival of sacrifice that commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail out of obedience to Allah. Share the story and make this craft with your children as a way to help them remember that this Eid is not only about celebrating, it’s about commemorating an amazing event that occurred a very long time ago whose lesson is still as relevant today as it was then: obedience to Allah requires sacrifice and garners reward.


Here’s what you’ll need (per child):

1 – 1 paper plate

2 – glue stick

3 – 2 ‘googly’ eyes

4 – 1 pink mini heart (nose)

5 – 1 pink semi circle (mouth)

6 – 2 black semi circles (ears)

7 – 1 black oval with the top cut straight (face)

8 – 3 cotton balls

9 – 1 sticker from the MubAArak Sheep Stickers


Here’s what to do:

Using the sheep on the stickers as their guide, let the children put the shapes together to make their own unique sheep! Have them finish off the plate with one of the stickers from our MubAArak Sheep stickers.




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  • Anjum Smith

    Very wonderful and interesting craft. Very creative. Keep up the good work.


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