Big Top Circus Eid Pin-It Party Game

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Part of the Big Top Circus collection, we have designed a simple and fun party game for your kids. Based on a classic favorite, "pin the tail on the donkey", in this classic circus scene, kids attempt to pin the lion on the circus.

 Order Details:

  • 1 Poster (13.5 x 9 inch)
  • 10 cards (2.25 x 3.25 inch)


The Big Top Circus collection has been specially designed as a festive way to celebrate Eid with your friends and family. There is no bigger fun time for kids than a Big Top Circus and Eid. So naturally, why not combine both? Our Big Top Circus collection is really made for celebrating with friends.

Our circus line features three really great friends (Fatima the Giraffe, Khalil the Elephant and Sulayman the Lion). Sulayman spends his days at the circus watching over and observing his pride of friends. He loves to roar with delight when he sees his friends having fun. Khalil is a great friend, a big softy and loves being social. He is always available for a game of catch. Fatima is a strong and proud giraffe who watches from above as her friends play below. She loves organizing parties.

Our entire Big Top Circus collection includes:


Environmental Action

We used FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified paper made from 10% pcw (recycled) materials to make this product.

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