Greeting Cards

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For the New Couple: ...He has put love and mercy between you...

Inside: May Allah bless you and shower His blessings on you and bring you together in goodness, Ameen. Mubarak!

For the New Parents: Masha'Allah, You have been blessed with a beautiful Gift...

Inside: May Allah make your child a blessing for you and for the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), Ameen. Mubarak!

You're in my du'as: Inside: So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: verily, with every difficulty there is relief. (sura Al-Inshirah, Ayat 5-6).

Student of Knowledge: Knowledge is a friend in solitude and a companion in loneliness (Muaz ibn Jabal)

Inside: May Allah (swt) reward your endeavors with the best in this life and the hereafter, ameen.

Inside left: The angels lay down their wings for the student of knowledge in approval of what he does (Ahmad and Ibn Majah)


Size: 5x7 inches. Each card has a message inside. 12 cards (3 of each design) with 12 coordinating envelopes

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