Kid's Shahada & Bismallah Wall Art


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A beautiful gift for a new home, or just to say I love you, giving the gift of the Quran is always a perfect choice.  There is nothing more classic and appropriate than a beautiful piece of Wall Art that can both help complement your celebrations and parties and be used in the house as a year round reminder of the deen you hold dear. These designs for deen are clean, can work with any decor and are reflective of the quiet and beauty that we hold dear.

Working with the talented Australian designer Iva Izman (In My Studio) and her beautiful designs, Raana Smith (Silver Envelope) has collaborated with professional printers to bring you the highest quality prints possible. We are excited to offer these high end and beautiful wall art pieces!

Please note: This product ships 7 business days from the order date.


Orders include:

  • TWO 8 x 10 inch posters (20 x 25cm)
  • Frames not included


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