Hilal Ramadan Fanoos Kit

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Nothing is quite as beautiful as a fanoos lit over Ramadan. The magical atmosphere that a fanoos creates for children around the world has been documented for many centuries. Why not honor this tradition and build your own Fanoos decorations with these Hilal Ramadan Fanoos kits. They are a perfect way to get in the spirit of the season with your kids. And putting together our Fanoos kits is easy and fun pre-Ramadan family activity or after dinner activity.


These are designed with two of our classic designs: Hilal Ramadan or Zillij Ramadan

Order includes:

  • 10 fanoos templates (5.5 x 4.25 inches each when they're flat)
  • 15 feet of twine (colors may vary)

**Note: These are designed to be used with flame-less candles and lights, only.  If you pair them with mini lights, use caution and check them often to make sure no burning is occurring.


Hilal Ramadan Collection

The Hilal Ramadan collection has been specially designed to celebrate the peaceful, quiet and reflective nights that Iftar parties and nighttime during Ramadan bring. The subtle crescent and moon design is perfect for Ramadan nights.

Our entire Hilal Ramadan collection includes:

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