Hilal Ramadan Bunting Flag Kit

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Part of our Hilal Ramadan Kids collection, these crescent moon and star bunting flags are great to hang as part of any party or event. Perfect for Iftar parties and other celebrations during the peaceful and beautiful month of Ramadan. 


Minimal assembly required. 

Order Details:

  • 10 flags (10.5 x 10.5 inch)
  • 15 feet of twine (colors may vary)



The Hilal Ramadan collection has been specially designed to celebrate the peaceful, quiet and reflective nights that Iftar parties and nighttime during Ramadan bring. The subtle crescent and moon design is perfect for Ramadan nights.

Our entire Hilal Ramadan collection includes:

Environmental Action

We used FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified paper made from 10% pcw (recycled) materials to make this product.

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