Rockets 'n Robots Eid Pin-It Party Game

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Part of the Rockets 'n Robots collection, we have designed a simple and fun Eid party game for your kids. Based on a classic favorite, "pin the tail on the donkey", in this outer space scene, kids attempt to pin the robot on the rocket.


Order Details:

  • 1 Poster (13.5 x 9 inch)
  • 10 cards (2.25 x 3.25 inch)



Our Rockets 'n Robots collection has been specially designed as an out of this world way to celebrate Eid with your friends and family. What better way to celebrate Eid than with robots, rockets and a trip to outer space. This collection features our Kufi-donning robot Ayoub. He has lots of energy and is always on the move.

His second favorite thing to do in the whole world is riding rockets all the way into space. But his favorite thing is giving his mom and dad a big hug when he returns. He is a big fan of bringing back from space whole bags of stardust sprinkles and giving them to his friends, especially during his favorite time of year, Eid. 

Our entire Rockets 'n Robots collection includes:

Environmental Action

We used FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified paper made from 10% pcw (recycled) materials to make this product.

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