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To all of our friends, family and supporters over the years, and to those we are just meeting for the first time:

I can't wait for Ramadan this year! 2013 has been a year of transitions and amazing blessings for us, al hamdu lillah. In the weeks ahead we will experience the quiet days and the brilliant nights, the silent reminders of our deen. And ensha'allah, we will slow down and reclaim the iman that Ramadan can instill in us. As we enter this blessed month and what I hope is many blessings on all of you, I wanted to share with you the latest in Silver Envelope's journey and mine. 

After taking time away and focusing on being a first-time mom, last year I felt an obligation and desire to recommit myself to a dream and vision I first had as a young girl scribbling Eid Mubarak on whatever generic ribbons I could find. I wanted to recommit myself and reinvent the vision I had for Silver Company, the company I started in 2001. Growing up in the West, I was proud of my faith, of my culture and of my parents, and I wanted to find ways to share this through celebration. In the constantly changing tides of the world, celebration reminds of those things we share in common. That we all cherish the same things, love, family, happiness, and a safe space to be with all of our families. As a new mother, my desire to expose my son to Islamic design, art and the many beautiful traditions around the Islamic world, has given me extra focus and drive that has led to this new approach to Silver Envelope.

So, what has this all meant for Silver Envelope? Over the last year I have been thinking about how when we do our annual searches for "Ramadan Cards" or "Ramadan Decorations" are we really just searching for more products and more stuff? Or are we searching for something more than that? And are we giving cards because that's just the thing you should do, or should we giving cards as a symbol of something more? I know for me, especially with the arrival of my son, I am looking for much more than just a card, or wrapping paper, or party decorations. I am looking for something that inspires me to create my own traditions, to find special ways to celebrate in my little space in the world, that helps my family and children feel proud of where they come from first, and educate the people around me in what it means to be Muslim second. While we don't always succeed, we strive to do our best and have been working tirelessly towards this goal.

This has been my new commitment, and this to me is the "new" Silver Envelope. To read more on the full thoughts and changes we've made you can view them here: http://www.silverenvelope.com/blogs/learn/8175923-the-new-silver-envelope-a-message-from-raana

From my family to yours, we wish you a sweet and hopeful Ramadan!! May the upcoming nights of Tarawih bring calm to your soul and love to your hearts, ensha'allah. And may Allah swt bring many blessings to you. 


Walaykum Assalam,

Raana Smith


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