MubAArak Sheep Eid Stickers

MubAArak Sheep Eid Stickers

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Part of our MubAArak Sheep line, these fun stickers coordinate perfectly with our MubAArak Sheep Collection. Great for sealing envelopes or making your own crafts! The possibilities are endless.

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  • 1 sheet of stickers (12-1.5 inch stickers)

MubAArak Sheep Collection

The MubAArak Sheep collection has been specially designed as a fun and playful way to celebrate Eid with your friends and family. Perfect for kids, the collection also includes "Alif Baaa", our signature baa'ing sheep for Eid. What Eid is complete without a funny "Baa'ing" sheep? Alif Baaa loves to be funny and make people laugh. He spends his day thinking of ways to get people to smile and usually all it takes is one "Baaaa" He always means well, is super fun to be around and always the life of the party.

Our entire MubAArak Sheep collection includes:

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